Generate Token


Authenticates Sub-Reseller and returns authentication token, if the Sub-Reseller is authenticated successfully.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key String Required Authentication Parameter
ip String Required IP Address of the Sub-Reseller

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request


Returns the below details if the Sub-Reseller is authenticated successfully:

  • Company (company)

  • Name (name)

  • Sub-Reseller Brand Name (brandname)

  • Reseller Id (userid)

  • Username (username)

  • Parent Id (parentid)

  • Sub-Reseller Account Status (resellerstatus)

  • Token (userLoginId)

  • Technical Support Contact Email Address (technicalsupportmailaddr)

  • Technical Support URL (technicalsupporturl)

  • Accounting Currency Symbol (accountingcurrencysymbol)

  • Selling Currency Symbol (sellingcurrencysymbol)

  • Whether Password has Expired (ispasswdexpired)

  • Signout URL (logoutURL)

  • Language Preference for Contro Panel and Emails (langpref)

  • Country (country)

In case of any errors, a status key with value as ERROR alongwith an error message will be returned.